“Animate Girls Festival 2016” is being held on Novemver 5th and 6th in Ikebukuro right now! AGF2016 is filled with otaku girls’ favorites such as otome game, anime, cosplay, goods and so on. At this event Ikebukuro Sunshine is a main event venue and there are 5 areas; 【Red AREA】【Blue AREA】【Green AREA】【White AREA】【Yellow AREA】 for the exhibition and merchandises. There are some programs with popular voice actors at the fountain plaza outside as well.

AGF2016 is actually a part of “Ikebukuro Autumn Culture Festival” which represents from pop culture like anime to Japanese traditional entertainment. Besides AGF2016, there are other fun events going on at this festival, including “Autumn Culture Marche” and “Daidengaku Ikebukuro Scroll Painting ~Tokyo Metropolitan Festival 2016~.” At “Autumn Culture Marche” there will be kitchen cars selling vegetable, fruits, bread, or cakes at Central Ikebukuro Park. At “Daidengaku Ikebukuro Scroll Painting ~Tokyo Metropolitan Festival 2016~”, you can enjoy Daidengaku Ikebukuro Scroll Painting collaborated with cosplayers at South Ikebukuro Park, Green Street and Toshima Center School Area starting at 6pm. Why don’t you experience a unique collaboration of traditional Japanese arts and modern pop culture?

At the opening ceremony, representatives of “Ikebukuro Autumn Culture Festival 2016” made an appearance including an honored president of executive committee, Yukio Takano. They talked about how fun it was to cosplay with others like Yuriko Koike, a governor of Tokyo at a successful Halloween cosplay event, “Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Fest 2016” held on October 29th and 30th. Mr. Takano added that he would like to cosplay with all the committee members at the event for next Halloween.

Other committee members agreed that everyone is so happy that Ikebukuro became such a lively city after it got popular with subculture such as anime and manga. In the future, they’re planning to make “International Art Culture City” project happen for Tokyo Olympic 2020 to produce Japan’s original and unique culture. A president of event commitee, Mr. Shinichi Sasaki stated that they’re glad they could organize such a fun event of Japanese traditional culture and pop culture and they would like to try their best to keep this event go on for a long time annually from no on.


AGF2016 Official Website

Source: Animate Times


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