I was in Aoyama on Friday and came across a long line of people waiting at…


TORO NAMA means melty fresh in Japanese.

Apparently, they just opened a new shop in Aoyama, Tokyo on 8/11, which explains the long line that I saw.

They describe their new product as: “First ever in the world! Chilled to achieve a new texture. So soft that it melts in your mouth.”
Sounds pretty tastey, yeah?

FLAVORS (left to right):
Strawberry, Cream Cheese, Maccha (Green Tea), Caramel Maron (Chestnut), Banana, Blueberry, Orange, Chocolat, Framboise, Mango, Green Apple, and Caramel

It’s a bit pricey – 189 yen ($2.20) each, but looks pretty damn good, and must be if people are willing to wait and pay that price.

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