More proof that the Future is here….gender-sensing vending machines!

This contraption is….cool and scary at the same time. According to this article, When a customer nears the machine, only images of the available drinks will be displayed. The machines come equipped with sensors that can recognize age and sex with a 75% accuracy, and make recommendations based on the situation.

75% accuracy? I am in awe at the super-smart scientists and computer programmer people who set this thing up. I also think it would be funny to approach this box and have it detect that I’m an elderly woman or something other than what I am…

But the fact that it’s able to detect this info and then make product suggestions to you accordingly is pretty awesome. I’d probably try different angles when approaching the thing to see if it gave me different classifications, just to mess with it.

Thanks due to Japan Probe for hosting this news clip:

I wanna try this thing, why are all the super advanced Future machines and devices only in Japan? 🙁

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