The parfaits of “Salon Bake and Tea”, a cafe which is very close from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, is amazing.

It’s fashionable and HUGE! With a total length of 30cm of the parfait is delicious and addictive.

There is also a dessert buffet here.

Salon Bake and Tea is a restaurant operated by Salon Adam e Lope, a concept shop that proposes a lifestyle with food.

Salon Bake and Tea offers a French salon de te style with meals, sweets and afternoon tea.

There are many menus that look great on Instagram.

The parfait was originally born from the concept of making a new dessert using the traditional French confectionery “Tropezenne” with brioche and custard cream.

I didn’t know that.

They use a parfait grass shaped like a feminine curve after the actress Brigitte Bardot, who is said to be the godmother of Tropezeinne.

The cross-section, which is made up of a complex mix of colorful fruit sauce and cream, has been devised so that it can be enjoyed all the way to the end.

In addition to the seasonal parfait which two types alternate in each season, the “night parfait” limited after 5PM is also recommended.

You can also enjoy the tea brand “THE O DOR” from France.

The strawberry parfait which is one of the more popular seasonal parfaits, called “Pafe O Phrase” it is made so that  “Everywhere you eat, you can feel the strawberry”, says patissier, Kitaura.  As his words suggest, strawberry jelly, ice cream, and creme shanty mixed with homemade strawberry jam are layered throughout.

Strawberry Parfait

The texture accents include heart-shaped agar and quinoa.

Although it is a big portion, it is refreshing and combines a sour jelly with a sweet cream making it extremely enjoyable.

  1. Strawberry Tropezenne
  2. Shanti phrases
  3. Strawberry ice cream
  4. Strawberry
  5. Strawberry and jelly
  6. Quinoa, pies and streusel
  7. Strawberry sorbet
  8. Shanti phrases
  9. Strawberry jelly
  10. Grape agar heart
  11. Strawberry panna cotta
  12. Strawberry and mammon jelly

There is also parfait for adults which pours plenty of sparkling wine.

“Parfait Rouge-Sparkling-” is a new parfait like a cocktail, which is made by pouring sparkling wine from their own winery into a glass squeezed with granitic meringue from the Rose Wine Blood Arrangement.

The sparkling wines stand out and the aftertaste is refreshing. It’s okay to have with a spoon or drink with a straw.

This is a restaurant that I would definitely go to in Tokyo someday.

Parfait Au Chocolat

Parfait Catle

Peach Parfait

Salon Bake and Tea

NEWoMan 3F, 4-1-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan



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