During Anime Expo 2015, Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi conducted an interview with the mysterious singer Aimer. Through the interview, we were able to take a glimpse into her everyday life, as well as learn who has played a great role in her musical career.


Interview: Melissa
Translation: Emi
Photos: SONY

── Nice to meet you.

Aimer Nice to meet you, too.

── Thank you so much for coming to Los Angeles! Fans in America have been so excited to see you. I myself am a huge fan, so I’m very nervous right now. How has Los Angeles been for you so far?

Aimer Los Angeles is very dynamic. The sky is large unlike Japan; it’s beautiful. I’ve found Los Angeles to be a very pleasant place.

── Have you gone anywhere, or is there anywhere you’d like to visit?

Aimer I just arrived yesterday so I haven’t been able to look around much, but I would like to visit Hollywood and the Griffith Observatory.

── Those are places I would definitely recommend. Onto the next question. What do you do on your days off?

Aimer I really like taking walks on my own. I also occasionally read or watch movies.

── I see. Who has influenced you the most in your lifetime?

Aimer There’s a Japanese band called Spitz that I love. They have always been a large influence to me.


── Your songs are all truly sentimental with a hint of bitter sweetness, but they also include a sense of strength. I personally receive great influence from such songs. What do you think is the significance of music?

Aimer I think the greatest appeal of music is the fact that it can take you to your own world no matter who you are with or where you are. You can be in solitude even when you’re with a large group of people, and you can go far away even if you’re right there. The charm of music is how it can take you to a different world.

── You grew up in a musical environment. Was music always your dream since you were young?

Aimer Yes. I had grown up being surrounded by music, so I naturally had dreams of becoming a singer.

── What is your most unforgettable event following your dreams of music?

Aimer When I was around fourteen, there was a time where I wasn’t able to use my voice at all. I couldn’t speak for about half a year. This has been unforgettable to this day.

── What are your current feelings towards your dreams relating to music?

Aimer I don’t think there is ever an end for where one aims for. I hope to continue finding goals related to singing, and accomplishing such dreams.

── If you were to try something else aside from music, what would you choose to do?

Aimer Let’s see… I enjoy drawing and writing stories, so I do think of becoming a picture book writer.


── At “Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi,” we aim to spread the cute, cool, and amazing aspects of Japanese culture. What do you think fits such aspects?

Aimer Spitz, the band I like, has aspects relating to rock that I find cool and their literary lyrics have a sense of cuteness. They are an artist that I can always look up to.

── Lastly, may I ask for a message to overseas fans?

Aimer Thank you for always listening to music. I would like to hold concerts in many places including overseas. If you have the opportunity, please come to visit.

── Thank you for your time today.

Aimer Thank you.

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