On December 22, 2015, OBLIVION DUST held their Tokyo show of LIVE TOUR 2015 “Live Graffiti” at Akasaka BLITZ. Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi conducted an interview with the band after the show. We had the opportunity to hear about the tour’s concept, as well as what aspects make OBLIVION DUST a “cute” band.


Interview: Emi


── Nice to meet you! Thank you for your time today.

OBLIVION DUST Nice to meet you, too.

── Can you tell us about the concept for your current tour “Live Graffiti”?

KEN LLOYD Let’s see… We hadn’t done many shows this year, so we wanted a tour where we pull different songs from various albums throughout the years and throw these different “colors” onto the wall like graffiti. We wanted to end 2015 with a tour under this concept.

── I see. OBLIVION DUST is both very cool and amazing, but what do you think are some of the cute aspects of the band members?

KEN We’re not cute at all. (laughs)

RIKIJI Cute aspects of the members…

KEN See, we’ll take 10 minutes right here trying to find an answer. (laughs)

RIKIJI I can’t really think of cute aspects… We’re not cute at all. I guess this hat K.A.Z is wearing is cute. Of course, the members are very cool though.

KEN But recently, K.A.Z has been acting cute, in a pop-style.

RIKIJI He’s pop, catchy, and cute.

K.A.Z (laughs)

KEN But under the overall “Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi” theme, K.A.Z is cute, RIKIJI is cool, and I’m amazing. (laughs)

RIKIJI No no, K.A.Z is cute, KEN is cool, and I’m amazing. (laughs)

K.A.Z I think it’s cute how KEN’s face around the eyes always turns red after live shows, in a heart shape.

RIKIJI Like that character from Kick Ass.

KEN A bit different, but sure. (laughs) OBLIVION DUST is definitely not cute.

RIKIJI We’re quite the cheeky band. (laughs)

── (laughs) Lastly, can we ask for a message to overseas fans?

K.A.Z Let’s see. KEN writes a majority of OBLIVION DUST’s lyrics in English… It’s easier to write that way, right?

KEN Of course.

K.A.Z There are parts in our music and lyrics where we put overseas outlets in our perspective. We’d like to transmit our music not just domestically, but to a variety of places. OBLIVION DUST has many different types of songs, so I think first-timers can enjoy our music, whether it be through just listening or through a live performance. I think we’re a band where everyone can go home in a happy mood after watching our show…

KEN You’re so cute. (laughs)

K.A.Z (laughs) Even if you can’t attend our live shows, it’d be great if you check us out by listening to our songs or watching our videos on YouTube.

── Thank you.

KEN It’d be great if we can go overseas sometime soon.

RIKIJI We’d love to.

K.A.Z Please invite us.

── Anytime!

KEN Was it 15 years ago? OBLIVION DUST would perform at clubs in America, when it wasn’t as big for Japanese bands to play overseas. We’d like to revisit such venues, including the Roxy Theatre and Whiskey a Go Go.

K.A.Z That’s quite awhile ago.

KEN Remember Coconut Teaszer? It’s no longer there, is it.

RIKIJI Oh, and the Viper Room.

K.A.Z We’ve played at quite a lot of places, haven’t we?

RIKIJI We also had a recording session in Los Angeles. That time, the three of us stayed in Oakwood.

K.A.Z Near Universal Studios.

KEN We went to Universal Studios and went on the Jurassic Park ride five times in a row.

K.A.Z It wasn’t that crowded, so we kept going on the ride until we got the perfect photo taken of us. (laughs)

KEN The one where we did weird faces.

RIKIJI I still have that picture.

KEN Me too. And people who didn’t even know us also bought the picture because it was so hilarious. That’s the kind of stuff we did, so we’d definitely like to go again. Next time we go to Los Angeles, let’s all go to IHOP, too!

K.A.Z (laughs)

KEN Our band is in love with IHOP.

RIKIJI I even have an IHOP card.

K.A.Z The International House of Pancakes, right? (laughs)

── I’d love to! Thank you so much for your time today.


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