Hi Everyone! Today I wanna talk about Jinbei, one of Japanese summer traditions! Jinbei is Japanese traditional Summer 2-piece clothing for men. or It used to be worn by men. Women’s jinbei have started to become popular in recent years. so women, boys, girls, and even babies wear Jinbei during the summer! It has a medium length sleeve kimono top with very comfy shorts. They are very comfortable, trust me, people love it in Japan. When you go to summer festivals, everyone wears Jinbei and Yukata! If you go to japan, you’ll see all kinds of deals on Jinbei. Stats from 1,000 to 3,000 Yen is the popular range. It goes up to 10,000 Yen. But still, really affordable. Jinbei is  Japanese “cool” & “eco” style.


They even have really really girly styles of Jinbei! Floral and pink. lots of ribbons.

Jinbei for little kids…. adorable!!!!

Summer Festival style.

Jinben from Anime Onepiece has the same name because that’s what he wears in the show! Did you know???

Found a great Jinbei video.

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