I think that you all have already known but I want to write about  Super Mario Origami King today.

Super Mario Origami King is the latest paper Mario series of Nintendo Switch which is scheduled to be released on July 17, 2020, in both package and download versions.

Super Mario Origami King is the story of “Origami” following the previous games about “Sticker” and “Color.”


Mario and Luigi receive an invitation from Princess Peach for the Origami Festival. They go to the Origami Festival excitedly, but there is no castle in town and the town was very quiet.
When they arrive at the Peach Castle, wondering what was going on, they encounter Princess Peach, looking very different and strange. She asks Mario “Will you crease yourself and be reborn, like me?”  When he refuses her offer, she drops him into the underground.

In the underground, Mario encounters Bowser’s army who is in the process of converting to Origami along with Bowser, who is about to be converted into Origami and is also converting the girl Olivia, to Origami.

King Olie, who claims to be the king of the Kingdom of Origami, folds the “Pera Pera” and declares “I will remake the world into an origami kingdom for origami!”  Then, he carries Peach Castle off to a distant mountain with the giant paper tape of various colors.

Mario and Luigi escape this dangerous place, and they head to the Peach Castle to defend against King Olie’s ambition.


Ally character 

  • Mario

The main character of this story.

Acquiring a new power, “The hand of paper”, set out on a big adventure to defend Origami’s ambitions.

  • Girl Olivia

Olie’s sister, the buddy character of this game.

Acts with Mario to stop her out of control brother.

  • Bowser

Great Satan, Mario’s nemesis. In this game, he was folded halfway by King Olly and turned into square paper. He seems to flirt with the idea of joining hands to defeat King Olie.

Unknown whether he would participate in the battle of this game.

  • Bomb soldiers

When they got on the ropeway while traveling, they met Mario and seemed to have an adventure together. We don’t know if they have a name.

Unknown whether they would participate in the battle of this game.

  • Bowser Jr.

Bowser’s son. Rarely, does he cooperate with Mario in this game.

Unknown whether he would participate in the battle of this game.

  • Kamek

Although his background information is unclear, it seems he is an ally because in the promotion video and screenshots, he is shown is working with Mario and Koppa Jr.

Unknown whether he would participate in the battle of this game.

Enemy character

  • King Olie

Olivia’s brother and King of the Origami Kingdom.

He aims to transform Mario’s world into an “Origami kingdom” for origami.

  • Princess Peach

The heroine of the Mario series.

In this game, she is transformed into an origami by the enemy and appears as a quite a different figure.

Super Mario Origami King Official Site


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