Hey guys, it’s Anne! Now I’m back and updating after a pretty long absence. So here we go again!

Mana Ogawa.

There are new music from e.g. BoA, Kyoko, AZU, Murasaki and Mana Ogawa.

Also, Gackt is releasing his single collection The Eleventh day along with a reissue of The sixth day.

Anna Tsuchiya is also releasing a cd + dvd called Atashi.

The Gazette are releasing their new single Shiver as well, in different versions.

Creature creature is releasing  Inferno.

To check these out any further please visit cdjapan.

Ali Project.

At jrock updater there are music available for download from among others Gackt, Ali project and Lolita23q.

Dir en Grey.

Dir en Grey will start a tour in North America on August 23rd, together with Apocalyptica.  Tickets are already available for fans, and will be for the rest on July 23rd.

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