“Shin Godzilla” movie hit the theaters in Japan at the end of July this year and it’s been still creating a stir all over the world. This time, “Shin Godzilla” will be collaborating in 2 big cities for “The Event to Talk More About Shin Godzilla.”


“The Event to Talk More About Shin Godzilla” will be organized by a mixer event company LINKBAL INC. under a great support from Toei Company in Tokyo and Osaka. It will be held on Godzilla’s birthday November 3rd. This event is only for single adults who are over 20 years old and must have watched the movie “Shin Godzilla” before. The ticket fee is 5,900 yen for men and 3,900 for women.
At the event, attendees can play “Shin Godzilla” related games and receive special Shin Godzilla goods as a prize. All of them can also get special clear files.

Movie “Shin Godzilla” is the latest Godzilla movie directed by Hideaki Anno who is famous for directing “Evangelion.” If you are willing to meet someone and also love “Shin Godzilla,” it would be a perfect event for you!


Source: Anime! Anime!


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