A popular voice actor, Aya Uchida’s, “SUMIRE SMILE”‘s music video is uploaded on Youtube! “SUMIRE SMILE” will be on sale on November 30th and it will be her first solo single. This song is a themed song for her documentary show, “Hello! My Music” as well.

Aya had a 3-hour long concert “Complete LIVE~COLORS~” at Budokan on August 13th, where she sang out 34 songs from the bottom of her heart. It is now announced that “Complete LIVE~COLORS~” Blu-ray disc will be on sale on December 21st. This Blu-ray includes all the songs that she performed at the concert including the rare behind the scene footage. “SUMIRE SMILE” was born after her experience of concerts at Budokan.

Make sure to check out both of them!

“SUMIRE SMILE” Music Video (Available only in Japan)

Source: Animate Times


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