Yo-kai Watch the Movie: The Great Adventure of the Flying Whale & the Double World, Nyan! will be showing in theaters on December 17, 2016 (Saturday).

Yo-kai Watch franchise consists of games, anime, manga, toys, and movies. The first movie released in 2014 was a hit. This third installment unfolds in the double world of anime and live-action. This movie was produced as a hybrid work.

4 cuts until the special makeup human faced dog

In the live-action part, Kento Yamazaki is playing the most powerful Yo-kai, Lord Enma, who supervises the mysterious world. Saito Takumi plays the Lord Enma’s aide, Nurarihyon.

Lord Enma and Nurarihyon want us to pay special attention to the dancing in this movie. When they are pursuing the cause of the accident that happened to the two worlds, under the influence of the accident, the body of Lord Enma and Nurarihyon begin dancing involuntarily! It will likely be a comical scene!

Suddenly, a large flying whale appears in Springdale.
What are the changes that have happened to Keita and the other Yo-Kai following the echoing cries?
Pulling his hair is painful, there are wrinkles on the palm of his hands, and there are pores on his skin.
Keita says, “This is me!?” It is almost impossible not to be surprised.
The world of live-action appears suddenly.
Jibanyan and others are also a big mess! Keita and others come and go in the world of animation and live-action, and try to explore the cause.

It exceeds expectations of excitement, surprise, and Yo-Kai action movie. The great adventure of the Yo-kai in the two worlds begins!

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