A popular Japanese voice actor, Miyu Irino announced that he will go on hiatus on his official blog.

According to his blog article, he will study abroad after his solo concert in January next year. He has been interested in living abroad and foreign entertainment industry for a while so he would like to experience on his own to expand his career with this experience.


He hasn’t clearly stated exactly when, how long or where he will study abroad but he said “this is a bit embarrassing that I’m making this a big deal. I will just go and come back quickly so please don’t worry.”

Miyu Irino is well known for Haku from “Spirited Away”, Jinta Yadomi from “Anohana”, Todomatsu Matsuno from “Osomatsu San” and so on. He does not only voice acting but also singing and he just released his 2nd album, “DARE TO DREAM” on November 30th.

Source: Animate Times


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