“2016 Funassyi Beach House” is open in Katase Nishihama Coast of Shonan during July 1st to August 31st.


Beach House (Umi No Ie in Japanese) are temporary buildings that offer drinks, food or rental services at the beach to enhance your beach experience. This time it is announced that Funassyi collaborated with Beach House for the first time and they will be offering exclusive menus and merchandises.


For food, there will be 5 different dishes including Funassyi burger.

funnasi_cafe8 funnasi_cafe7 funnasi_cafe5 funnasi_cafe6

There will be 4 different sweets including Funassyi’s waffle shaved ice.

funnasi_cafe1 funnasi_cafe3 funnasi_cafe4

You can also get exclusive waterproof smart phone case, beach towels or sandals.

funnasi_beachhouse_5 funnasi_beachhouse_6 funnasi_cafe12


Why don’t you stop by the beach and enjoy the beach time with Funassyi this summer?!



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Source: Fashion Press

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