So here we have a Japanese ‘oga kuzu-bako’ (or ‘sawdust bin’), to be specific, one at Omotesando Station. Now, the sawdust bin is a pretty good idea, I guess. If you haven’t figured out what a bin of sawdust could be for, it’s for vomiting in, and as a person with an easily upset stomach, I guess it would be comforting for me to have these scattered by train stations. However, probably not very agreeable for my olfactory senses. But I think it can be agreed, that whoever has to clean these bins has the worst job in Japan. I mean, with normal trash, you can flip the bin into the trash truck, but you know how gross it is to deal with liquid waste? Jeeeeeesus, these things must be terrible. Just terrible.

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    1. ohhhhh jesus christ that is morbid! yes that would be an absolutely terrible job, for many, many reasons. you topped me. definitely.

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