This isn’t a new story by any means, but I was just reminded of this kid’s awesomeness and wanted to post about him.

Yuto Miyazawa, in case you weren’t aware, is this ridiculously amazing guitar prodigy kid who SHREDS like the best of him. Here he is playing lead on Crazy Train with Ozzy Osbourne at Blizzcon last year….

Miyazawa, who is only ten years old now (!), often spoke of Ozzy being his musical hero, and I bet it was pretty amazing to get the chance to meet with him AND play alongside him on a song like that.

Needless to say, watching this little kid annihilate the strings like this just affirms my own ineptitude at guitar. When I was that age I was watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and eating cereal, not riffing with Ozzy onstage at huge conventions and on the Ellen show. Sigh.

I wonder if Yuto will end up doing this later in his life or if he’ll give it up and end up with some software company job….I hope not, because he shreds.

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