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Nomo, Hasegawa bring Japanese youth baseball team to USA 08.25.11

Former Major League Baseball players Hideo Nomo and Shigetoshi Hasegawa, pitchers who rose to prominence in Japan before making the switch to the USA, recently took part in bringing a Japanese youth baseball team to the USA for a tournament … READ MORE

The saga of Kei Igawa – the forgotten Japanese baseball star 07.27.11

Much has been written here about Major League Baseball and the various Japanese stars who moved over to the United States from Japan to continue their careers and hopefully break new ground. Hideki Matsui, Hideo Nomo, and Ichiro Suzuki are … READ MORE

Japan and Major League Baseball – a complicated relationship 06.08.11

The cultural differences between Japan and the United States are substantial. When considering baseball players who either go from the US to a career in Japan or vice-versa, these differences are on display prominently. Of particular note is the story … READ MORE