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On March 31st, the “new age vocal and DJ” idol group, BPM15Q, reunited as the closing act to celebrate Shibuya live house, Shibuya GLAD on it’s closing day.

While unfortunately the live had to be held without an audience, it was live streamed for those who purchased a viewing ticket for 2,000 yen (~$18.50)

If you didn’t catch the live stream but still want to see the event, the livestream can be purchased on the Cultures of Asia Zaiko website and viewed until June 3rd, 11:00PM JST. A Zaiko account is necessary for the purchase.

Members, Rinahamu Ichigo and Nicamoq, shared their gratitude to the venue as they reminisced about BPM15Q’s first one man live and took cute selfies together. Rinahamu posted a tweet comparing their live performance in 2016 vs. the audience-less venue in 2020.

“Until we meet again”


In 2016, Nicamoq decided to graduate from BPM15Q to pursue a solo career. This prompted the group to rebrand and change its name to CY8ER. They have since become a five member “future bass” idol group.

Other artists at the Glad Closing Party included SAWA, DJ Youkina God Summerz (from Band Ja Nai Mon! Maxx Nakayoshi/Oomomoko Sunrise & Amanatsu Yuzu),Seira Kariya, and more.

Shibuya GLAD was a live house that hosted countless musical acts over the years since opening in 2010. Their venue featured raised platforms, making it easy to see the stage from anywhere in the audience.

Culture of Asia Zaiko Ticket Site: https://cultureofasia.zaiko.io/_item/326587
Rinahamu’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/rinahamu
Nicamoq’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicamoq

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