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An idol group, sora tob sakana, announced May 22nd that they will be disbanding in September 2020. They released the schedule for their LAST LIVE TOUR starting in June, with their farewell concert being September 6th. A final CD is also planned.

The decision has been discussed since the end of last year with the music producer, Yoshimasa Terui, and the members decided the group has come to its end. While the future isn’t certain for each member, they each want to pursue different avenues in life.

sora tob sakana debuted in July 2014 as a five member idol group under the Frappe Idol Project. They now have three members: Fuuka Kanzaki, Natsuka Teraguchi, and Mana Yamazaki.

They have provided theme songs for several anime over the years including, “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” and “Hi Score Girl.”


LAST LIVE TOUR site: https://soratobsakana.tokyo/event/lastlivetour/
sora tob sakana Twitter: https://twitter.com/soratobsakana

Source: https://soratobsakana.tokyo/news/index02140000.html



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