Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z performed at The Wiltern on November 17. Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi had the opportunity to conduct a short interview with the girls during a press event before their show!


── Congratulations on your successful concert in Hawaii!

All Thank you!

── Unlike your usual shows in Japan, the Hawaii show was held at a nightclub venue. Did you feel any differences?

Ayaka Sasaki We were very close in proximity with the fans, which was different from usual.

Kanako Momota Apparently, overseas fans watch our concert videos online, and so it was fun hearing them do the “calls” together with the fans from Japan.

── Did you find anything kawaii, kakkoii, or sugoi in Hawaii?

Shiori Tamai We had a chance to drink pitaya juice, which was pink and very adorable.

Reni Takagi We also tried out parasailing, and the altitude was so amazing!

── Can you tell us a bit about the setlist?

Ayaka I produced the setlist for this show, hoping to express the four seasons of Japan. I hope that American fans can experience Japanese tradition such as cherry blossoms, Japanese drums, and summer festivals through this setlist.

── Based off the lyrics of “Koko☆Natsu”, what is your favorite syrup flavor for shave ice?

Reni I love shave ice with gum syrup!

Kanako Azuki!

Shiori The cliche strawberry is my favorite!

Ayaka I like strawberry as well!

Momoka Same… But with condensed milk!

── Thank you!

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