Apparently, some Japanese iTunes users have recently been charged money for downloads they never made…and this has created a bit of a stir, as the authorities try to figure out how and why this is happening. Various credit card companies have been involved, and as this article mentions, There are at least 95 known cases in Japan so far, spanning five credit card companies.

In addition, While some victims have only been billed for a few hundred yen — worth a few US dollars — others have been asked to pay several hundred thousand yen, the equivalent of several thousand dollars. In one less extreme example, a woman who registered a credit card with the iTunes Store several years ago was recently charged several times, resulting in an overall bill of more than 100,000 yen, or $1,100. She is said to have gone without buying anything from iTunes in some time.

Needless to say this is a bad problem to have to deal with, no matter how much money the users are charged. If this was to happen in the United States with iTunes, there’s no doubt that people would become enraged and it would cause a big huge stir. Hopefully the Japanese authorities figure out why this is happening and remedy the situation.

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