May 9th is Ice Cream Day in Japan!  On May 9th, 1869 in Yokohama was the day ice cream was first sold in Japan.  To celebrate this day, there were free ice cream giveaway events held around Japan!  yummm~

Japan has launched its annual Cool Biz campaign to save electricity during summer making more demands for ice cream for this coming hot season.  Last year a particular ice cream sold a record of 4 million during the summer.  The product name is ガリガリ君 (gari gari kun), and the boy illustrated on all the product is Gari Gari Kun himself.

It is a soda candy popsicle, and there is this ice shaver just for gari gari kun!

You put the popsicle in this device and vuala! now you have shaved ice! haha

gari gari kun comes in many flavors so check out the manufacture Akagi Nyugyo site.

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