Pop-rock band, Shinsei Kamattechan, posted their long awaited new song, Ossan no Yume (Old Man’s Dream), on YouTube this past weekend. It’s about a salaryman who immediately went into the workforce rather than go for his dreams.

Shinsei Kamattechan is very different from other bands in Japan, in that they have attracted attention through the use of social media. They have online chat sessions with their fans from the beach and from firework festivals. They also broadcast their shows on Nico Nico Douga.

They have a pop sound and a crazy punk feel, while their lyrics are about the darker side of life, like bullying and suicide. The vocalist, Noko, who writes the songs, comes off as completely insane and is quite a character. Check out the video below of him singing while blood drips down from his face.

A while back, I saw a short clip of Noko with SMAP’s Masahiro Nakai, in which Noko is clearly freaking out Nakai, but I had no idea Noko was a singer for this insane band. Here’s the video of Shinsei Kamattechan performing and Noko scaring Nakai, while the other band members tell Noko to come back to the stage.

Shinsei Kamattechan has gotten a lot of Definitely worth going to a show and seeing all the insanity go down if you get the chance.

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