We announced Miku Giveaway on Miku ‘day on March 9.
Many people sent us nice videos of singing Miku ‘s song.
Today, we would like to show the videos of eight winners!

1st Prize winners:

❤︎ Lunatism (Turkey)

❤︎Yui Tohma (Poland)

❤︎Tandeko (Italy)

2nd Prize winners :

❤︎ Devin Miller (USA)

❤︎Princess Bebe (USA)

3rd Prize winners:

❤︎Lena Nojic (Republic of Serbia)

❤︎Saya Scarlet (Russia)

❤︎Kayla Pond (USA)

Let’s congrats eight amazing winners!

Thank you very much for your awesome videos!

Please keep being creative with Miku!

Team KKS

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