SNOW MIKU 2019 is a festival that”Yuki (Snow) Miku (Hatsune Miku)” supports for Winter Hokkaido.
The “SNOW MIKU” festival has been held by “Sapporo Snow Festival” since 2010 as the Crypton · Future · Media Co., Ltd. which created and developed “Hatsune Miku” in Sapporo, a city in Hokkaido. It is the 10th anniversary this year and in this milestone tenth anniversary, SNOW MIKU 2019 will carry out various projects that will make winter of Hokkaido more exciting.

Yuki Miku was born at the “Sapporo Snow Festival” in 2010 following the building of the snow sculpture of a pure white “Hatsune Miku.”Since then, the festival “SNOW MIKU” is held every year in Hokkaido. Every year, the costume design for “Yuki Miku” has been widely recruited on the internet with various themes. “The Princess” is the theme of SNOW MIKU 2019. In this theme, Yuki Miku is cheering winter of Hokkaido.

Rabbit Yukine is the pet character of Yuki Miku; made in the motif of Ezo Snow Rabbit. This pet character was selected to be the pet of “Yuki Miku” in the winter of Hokkaido in 2014. Since 2015, the costume designs of Rabbit Yukine have been solicited from the public, recruiting with the theme “Yuki Miku” each year.
SNOW MIKU 2019 Theme: “Princess” that imaged Hokkaido’s snow
The costume design draft ideas were solicited by open recruitment on PIAPRO official collaboration” on PIAPRO site.
This year and last year, the costume design was selected by vote by Hatsune Miku fans in Japan and overseas on the WEB site .

雪ミク2019衣装、ラビット・ユキネ2019原案:- L F –

Snow Miku Tram is operating in Sapporo city until March 26, 2019.
It is fully wrapped in the “Snow Miku” specification and Miku’s voice will guide you in the tram.

SNOW MIKU 2019 is held from February 4th to February 11th and there are various events, like SNOW MIKU Live at Zepp Sapporo on February 9th and 10th. The shows will be amazing!

It is super cold in Sapporo in February, but everyone’s enthusiasm will make forget about coldness!
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