Ok, ok before you freak out…I am definitely NOT taking away anything from Pocky with this post. I love it just as much as all y’all out there, but, I have to say, Toppo is a damn good alternative if you’re interested in trying it out. So, Toppo is a brand of biscuit made by Lotte and it’s basically an inside-out pocky. There are a few advantages to having the chocolate on the inside, too…liiike you can have chocolate in the whole biscuit and don’t have to have the ‘handle’ where there is no chocolate, also, and now this is difficult to judge, but it feels like there is more chocolate in these things than in a Pocky. I might be just because it’s a whole chunk in the middle instead of coating the biscuit, I don’t know, but I am leaning towards liking having the chocolate in the middle. Of course, you loose the cool drizzled chocolate designs and options with Pocky, but I’m a filling lover, so, filling is the way to go for me. These babies get two thumbs up from me, oh and the mixed-berry cheesecake flavor is damn good. Basically a milky-berry taste going on. I’m down with it.

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