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Japan is filled with lots of unique and kawaii collaboration cafes. This time, I went to not only Sailor Moon or My Melody but “Sailor Moon x My Melody” Candy Parlor collaboration cafe at THE GUEST cafe & diner in Ikebukuro!

Now let me show you super kawaii food and drinks…!

Once you get seated, you will receive a special placemat. We decided to use it only because it will be hard for me to bring this back to US, but if I lived in Japan, I’m sure I would have hung this in a frame as a poster. This artwork is too cute.


All the menus looked really good, but this time we decided to order two meals, one dessert and two drinks to share.

Here’s my Luna & My Melody’s Iced Latte with Colorful Meringue! It was so cute that it took a while to actually start drinking… This meringue was really delicious, too.

My friend ordered Sailor Moon X My Melody Hot Latte. It comes with a random latte art, and she got Sailor Mars!

Each special drink comes with a special coaster! Ours was Luna and Sailor Mars as if they were matching with our drinks.


Here’s our first meal, Sailor Mars & My Melody’s Twinkle Star Cheese Risotto! You might be surprised by the color of cheese risotto at first, but it was actually very delicious. It comes with raspberry powder to add some accents. I’ve never knew that raspberry makes cheese risotto taste even better!

Our next dish is Sailor Jupiter & My Melody’s Candy Wrapping Salad. It was huge enough to fill up two Japanese girls’ stomachs. The ham is decorated like a rose with the tiniest tomatoes that I have ever seen. It comes with pink Ceaser dressing.


Finally here’s our dessert, Sailor Venus Love Me Chain Cake! This is a mango pancake with a cute surprise inside! When you cut the pancake, you can see that it’s filled with pink chocolate! The sauce perfectly represents Sailor Venus’s famous attack, Love-Me Chain as well.


The cafe’s decor was super cute, too! You will be greeted with all the Sailor Senshis in My Melody’s collaboration character art version.


There was a pop up shop and photo booth next to the cafe! They had exclusive Sailor Moon x My Melody collaboration cafe goods such as key chains, mirrors, bags, and so on.

We took lots of photos at the photo booth, too!


Overall it was such a wonderful experience! This time we went to THE GUEST cafe & diner in Ikebukuro, however you can try their special menu at THE GUEST cafe & diner in Osaka, Sapporo and Nagoya until May 21st as well.

Each location has a different running date, so please check their website for more details before your visit.


Website: http://the-guest.com


If you’re interested in the cafe, you seen more on our YouTube!




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