Hi everyone! Tomokku is back with another great recipe. Learn how to make chocolate plates of One Punch Man characters to decorate your cake or ice cream!



White chocolate
Dark chocolate
Colored chocolate
Food coloring


Prepare images of the characters you would like to use.
I recommend reflecting the images before printing them out.


Colored chocolate will work the best.
These are colored chocolate pens, but you can use Candy Melts as well.
For colors you cannot find, you can melt white chocolate in those colors.
We will draw the lines using dark chocolate.


Chocolate coloring can be expensive or come in large portions,
so today, we’ll be using normal food coloring.
To make the chocolate less rough, we’ll also be using mayonnaise.
Mayonnaise is oil-based, and thus mixes well with chocolate.


We will be using OPP sheets to make the plates on.
These can also be used to make cone-like shapes to squeeze out the chocolate.
If you don’t have OPP sheets, you can use cooking sheets as well.
However, your finished product may not be as smooth.


Make a cone-like shape out of the sheets.
Find a flat board to place the image on.
You can use a cutting board or a plastic sheet.
Place the image, and then the OPP sheet.
Secure the OPP sheet using tape.
Make sure the sheet is completely flat.


Break the chocolate into small bits to start melting.
Place the chocolate over hot water.
Melt the chocolate until there are no more chunks.
Make sure that water does not get inside, since it’ll make the chocolate more rough.


Put the chocolate inside the cone from earlier.
Lightly close the top so chocolate does not spill out.


Outline the character using dark chocolate.
Use toothpicks to take off any excess chocolate.
You can do this even after the chocolate has hardened a bit, so don’t rush.
You can use toothpicks to draw the more detailed parts.
Place the plate into the freezer once you’ve finished the outlines.


Melt the colored chocolate by leaving it in water, approximately 60℃ or 140°F.


Remove the plate from the freezer once the outline has hardened.


Use the chocolate pens to add the colored parts.
The outline may begin to melt, so place the plate in the freezer after finishing each color.


We will make the skin color by melting coloring with the white chocolate.
Using the coloring by itself will make the chocolate rough.
Add some mayonnaise so the oil makes the chocolate smoother.


Melt the white chocolate.
Once the chocolate has melted, add the coloring.


Use any excess white chocolate to create an extra layer.
This will strengthen the chocolate plate.
Otherwise, if the plate is too thin, it may break.
Once finished, place the plate into the freezer.


Carefully peel the chocolate off.


You are now done!
You can make a variety of characters to decorate your desserts.

View a more detailed recipe in the video above!


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