It is announced that “Sanrio Danshi (Sanrio Boys)” will have a collaboration cafe on December 1st until January 4th next year at THE GUEST cafe & diner at Ikebukuro Parco! It will be Sanrio Danshi’s first themed cafe ever.


This special cafe will be held under the theme of school festival so Sanrio Danshi will welcome you with school festival food menus such as yakisoba, crepe, cotton candy and so on. The interior will be decorated cutely just for you. You can also enjoy shopping Sanrio Danshi items including some exclusive goods. Moreover, they will be having a special event with Ryo Nishimiya’s voice actor, Hiroyuki Kagura and Seiichiro Minamoto’s voice actor, Yuma Uchida and so on!


Here’s some of the collaboration cafe menu:

<Food Menu>

“This My Melody Burger That I Made! Cute, Right?” Yu’s Gratin Croquette Burger ¥1,280


“Let’s Make Pom Pom Purin!” Kota’s Pom Pom Omuyakisoba ¥1,080


“Shunsuke~ You Must Win the Game!” “To Get Stamina, Here’s Yu’s☆ Special Ginger Fried Pork!” With a Special Victory Charm ¥1,180


<Sweets Menu>

“Here, You Got Some Cream? Shall I Get It For You?” Ryo’s Stylish Homemade Crepe  ¥1,180


“H-Hey…..!” “Don’t Get Embarrassed Just Because I Made It” Shunsuke’s Hello Kitty Parfait  ¥1,080



“Here’s Cinnamoroll Cafe Themed Dessert” President’s Cinnamon Affogato  ¥1,380

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<Drink Menu>

“Who Would You Choose?” Tapioca Milk with a Character’s Name Tag ¥780


You will receive one random Sanrio Danshi coasters when you order food or drinks.



Sanrio Danshi Cafe Exclusive Goods

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Sanrio Danshi @Cafe ~Come Join Our School Festival~

Venue: THE GUEST cafe & diner (Ikebukuro Parco 7F)

Date: 12/01/2016 – 1/04/2017

Hours:  10:00-22:00


Source: Animate Times


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