In Japan, pancakes have been extremely popular with young girls. Some people wait in line for a few hours just to get a fancy pancake in Harajuku. I went back to Japan last year and I tried lots of different pancakes at different cafes all over Japan. I cannot pick the best pancakes that I had in Japan since everything is slightly different but this time, I would love to introduce you to one of the fanciest pancakes that I tried in Matsudo City, Chiba!


Cafe de Souvenir from Castilla Sakaeya 

Cafe de Souvenir is a pancake only cafe branched from an award-winning castella shop, Sakaeya. This cafe offers many delicious pancakes during lunch time but especially it’s well known for Souvenir Pancake with the 6 thick layers of pancakes.


Look how thick each layer is!!


This plate comes with fresh fruits and ice cream. When you pour the syrup, it gets amazingly better.



Since it is not a popular cafe in Tokyo, it is only 980 yen and I was very very amazed.

My mom and grandma also got Shrimp and Avocado Pancake and Turkey Kabab Pancake. Both of them were super tasty!
img_7024 img_7025

Here’s some of their pancakes on the menu.



It’s a very cute and cozy cafe connected to a castella shop. There was no wait when I went in for lunch time on a week day.


Look for a Sakaeya Bee outside the cafe!



It is a kind of middle of nowhere so if you don’t drive, it might be hard to come to Cafe de Souvenir, however there are millions of delicious Japanese pancake cafes all over Japan, so if you have a chance to visit Japan, you should check it out in every city! These pancakes will melt your mouth and heart. <3


Cafe de Souvenir:

Address: Matsudo Shinden 553-5, Matsudo-Shi, Chiba-Ken 270-2241



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