February 23, 2019. MIYAVI played at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of his newest album “SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.3 – Worlds Collide.”


9 P.M. MIYAVI appeared on stage with the intro to his album “Worlds Collide.” The venue’s voltage instantaneously shot up, making fans forget about the cold outside. Collaboration songs such as “Rain Dance” and “Flashback” followed. Opposite to his almost monotone outfit and guitar, the lights behind him were constantly changing, painting the guitarist and the venue into each song’s “color.”

“Welcome to SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.3 Record Release Party in LA!” After announcing the support members on stage, he continued, “Thank you so much for coming! I’m so happy to be back in L.A. Every time I have a show here, you guys come and I’m very thankful… But I’m living here! We’re neighbors!”

Raging songs such as “In Crowd” and “Sicko Mode” continued. The mischievous smile of a boy falling in love with a guitar versus the glamor that only a true rock star can show… MIYAVI showed these contrasting sides of his persona as he ran around the stage.

One of the many highlights of this show was the appearance of special guests. MIYAVI welcomed L.A.-native rapper DUCKWRTH to perform “U.G.L.Y.” as well as singer / producer Mikky Ekko for their collaboration “Knock Me Out.” These collaborations show fans just a small bit of the wide circle of friends that the Japanese musician has around the world. The fans cheered greatly as Che’nelle, a singer who gained much popularity in Japan, came on stage to perform “Forget You.”

Alongside fresh songs from his newest album, other past fan-favorites such as “Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and “Selfish Love” were performed as well. His guitar slapping technique continues to amaze us all.

The encore began with “Fragile,” a song that shows the importance of facing one’s own vulnerability. In the following “Me and the Moonlight,” Malaysia-born singer Yuna appeared on stage. Her powerful vocals and MIYAVI’s unique guitar sounds mix dreamily to create the perfect lullaby for adults. After “Real?” the concert ended with “WHAT’S MY NAME?” one of MIYAVI’s most loved songs.

Over 2 years have passed since MIYAVI’s last album, so fans were able to hear what he has been up to during this release show of his newest album “SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.3 – Worlds Collide.” He proved to us once again that music is a never-ending road with no set goal. We cannot wait to continue seeing where the samurai guitarist will go with his new collaborations and evolving styles.


  1. Worlds Collide
  2. Rain Dance
  3. Flashback
  4. In Crowd
  5. Dim It
  6. Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers Remix Cover)
  7. Sicko Mode (Travis Scott/Skrillex Remix Cover)
  8. U.G.L.Y. featuring DUCKWRTH
  9. Knock Me Out featuring Mikky Ekko
  10. Forget You featuring Che’nelle
  11. Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Survive
  13. Selfish Love
  14. Long Nights
  15. Fire Bird
  16. Raise Me Up
  17. DAY1
  18. Dancing With My Fingers
  19. Fragile
  20. Me and the Moonlight featuring Yuna
  21. Real?

Photos: Maya Kuraki

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