Don’t you just love Japanese packaging? How cute is this? Panda Choco-balls. 2 choco-balls makes up a Panda and they are not all the same.  Smiley ones, some wearing a hat, some wearing a dress. The chocolate themselves are pretty good too. The shell is a little harder than m&m’s. They are closer to Smarties. A clean finish milk chocolate. And because they are individually wrapped, it prevents you from eating the whole bag at once!

I’m not sure which company makes these. It doesn’t really say much on the package.

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  1. i need to no where to get the panda chocoballs! i got some in japan but i dont plan on going back for awhile so i was tryig to get them online. if anyone knows where to get them tell me!

  2. Just got back and pick up one bag; and I am in love. Gave 1/2 away to boys that took care of cats while away. Now gotta have more. There delicious and so funny.

  3. Found them at Mr. but it is all in Japanese; I am emailing to see if I can purchase; have google translate the page and you can understand more.

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