It’s been a while since our last Pocky post, so it’s definitely time to introduce you guys to some new really cool ones that were recently released.

Tsubutsubu-Ichigo Heartful Pocky

It’s the same strawberry flavored pocky we all love, but each pretzel stick is in the shape of a heart! This has got to be the ultimate kawaii snack.

Milk Chocolate Salty Pocky

Ah, sweet and salty, the best combination! You would think they would have put this out years ago.

Mart Magazine x Pocky – White & Chocolat, Custard & Orange

This is a collaboration that Pocky did with Mart, a magazine written to enrich women’s lives that covers cooking, sundries, fashion, electronics, etc… These Pocky are meant for afternoon tea get-togethers.

As you know, there’s a huge love for deco, the act of personalizing everything and making them kawaii, in Japan. Check out these ideas for cute Pocky creations.

Don’t you think they would be awesome for additions to Christmas cards? If you guys make any, send us pictures!

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