Yusuke Uotani likes traveling around Japan to find rare vending machines that were created from 1965-1975 and shares them with the world on his blog. Not only do they look cool, but they offer unique items that you don’t usually see in vending machines, like hamburgers and udon. Because the machines are discontinued, the owners make their own parts. They even get up early in the morning to prepare the product. Uotani says it’s hard to believe the food came out of vending machines, because they are delicious and made with love and care. Unfortunately, due to the rising costs of electricity and the aging owners, these retro vending machines are rapidly disappearing.



003lUdon and Ramen

IMG_5546Toast Sandwich

005lGuten Burger

retrovm2Behind the 25 seconds the machine spent, it was made with Mr. Tanaka’s skill and love. 


retrovm4Pork Katsu Bento

retrovm1The bread on that burger looks far better than any burger I’ve gotten at a fast food joint.

Would you try one if you ever came across a retro vending machine?

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  1. Looked this up from beginning japanese loony case I miss japan miss those vending machines also

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