Up for review today are Mini Choco Curls by Meiji. These are an off-shoot of the famous Japanese cheese curl snacks of the same company. The regular cheese curl snacks are much larger than these chocolate ones; I’d equate them to Cheetos Puffs in the US. They have the same texture and taste, and before you know it the bag you’re eating is empty; they’re light little snacks that are darn good. This new little red package of chocolate puffs feels somewhat like a pre-packaged container of cereal….and on the package, of course, is a picture of Uncle Karl, the bearded mascot of the cheese curls who looks like Bluto from Popeye with a little green frog on his shoulder on the front. Karl is saying how small these little snacks are, since they’re miniature versions of the regular puffs. Here’s a couple pictures of the regular puffs, for comparison’s sake:



Well, the things inside this red package look like chocolate-covered Cheerios. After removing the lid, the contents look…strange. Despite the appearance, they taste very good. Chocolate-covered corn puffs turns out to be a pretty tasty idea. This basically tastes like some kind of sugary chocolate breakfast cereal, and it would probably go well in a bowl of milk.  They don’t really look exactly like the image on the package; instead of being small cylindrical Cheerio shapes they’re more fat and puffy, which makes sense when considering how large they are in their normal variety.

despite their appearance, they're quite good

The little frog guy is saying “small!” because these are a smaller version of what are normally larger corn puffs that are cheese-flavored and usually come in a bag. This chocolate variety is strange when you consider how popular the regular, cheese-flavored curls are. There is also a “light salt flavor” variety of these puffs, which don’t really taste cheesy at all, and have more of  a light flavor (as the name suggests). They’re not as tasty as the regular cheese curls or the mini chocolate ones, but they’re alright.

"light salt" variety

The people behind this must have thought they should try their hand branching out and making a sweet, chocolate version of this to see if the public likes it nearly as much as the regular cheese curls.

They did well, because it’s pretty good. Nice work once again, Meiji.

Rating: gator gifgator gifgator gifgator gifgator gif out of 5. Awesome.

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  1. Mmm, I love the Choco Curls. I just can’t find them anywhere! I guess they are not in high demand, huh. 🙂

    The last anime convention we went to, we got a whole flat of them for $5 because no one was buying them. I just finished my last package! Sigh….. 🙂

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